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23 Oct


Arthur, the clod (2013)

Arthur Shappey: Hielo
Hercules Shipwright: Bloodstone
Douglas Richardson: Kittenwelp
Martin Crieff: Shigeako

Pictures: pictured-nana

22 Sep


I have created a Martin Crieff supercut of his “But I’M the captain” moments. It is simultaneously really hilarious and really sad. But I’m still laughing. I hope you all are laughing and crying with me. At any rate, this was pretty fun to make :D 

(Just a note - doesn’t include all the times he merely introduces himself as the captain, just when he has to say it with a certain amount of insistence. Otherwise it would’ve ended up as long as an actual full-length episode.)

27 Jul










three men went to mow

went to mow a meadow

three men

two men

one man

and his dog

this is the part where you say woof woof skip

no it isn’t

I think it is

23 Jul


“You are ALWAYS playing Yellow Car.”

26 Jun

CP titles with words of one sound...

  • The one with the cat and the hot place where the bags go.
  • The one with the man who smokes in the place where you pee.
  • The one with the place to stay that costs a lot of cash.
  • The one with the fire truck, but it can still be called Douz.
  • The one with the old man and the booze and the sport with an odd shaped ball, part 1.
  • The one with the hole in the roof and the fruit that can be tossed.
  • The one with the fish cakes and the nice sky lights.
  • The one with the short men and the salt that looks like shards of glass.
  • The one with the bad man from that show and the man who is not the man from that Blue show. They had a lot of quiche.
  • The one with the one man who went to mow.
  • The one with the bar and is named like that place that does not have those things that are not bears or those folk from that book with the place they make sweets.
  • The one with the place where things rhyme.
  • The one with the yacht man and the hush hush Saint Nick and the mulled wine.
  • The one with the bears and the facts you get when you leave.
  • The one with the old man, and the booze, and the sport with an odd shaped ball, part 2.
  • The one with the new man who the boss type queen bee likes.
  • The one with the van, and the pub, and the walk, and the dog with a daft name.
  • The one with the thing that is to learn how to be safe and the name that sounds like the name a chief fly boy would have.
  • The one with the goose that hurts the plane, where the boss type queen bee's ex mate tries to steal the plane.
  • The one with the place they can't go to, so they go to a place that isn't the place, the man who has hired the plane want to go. Some things have to be said twice to stop folks mixed up by the real and the fake place. Known as "The one with the old man, and the booze, and the sport with an odd shaped ball, part 3."
  • The one with the stuffed sheep, the tree and the bee.
  • The one with the king of that place, with the girl who one of the fly boys likes.
  • The one with the trip home and the one word game.
  • The one with the snow, and the "fizz buzz" game, and the "here I am don't tread on me".
  • The one with the thing you go to so you can get a new job that should pay more than the last one you had.
02 May



I AM CABIN PRESSURE [Nikon ad style] by thekaskproject and tracionn

Set one :)

Did I re-blog this before? I dont care. Is pretty. It deserves another one. 

15 Feb

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29 Jan



More Cabin Pressure photos I found lurking on my camera - they’re not brilliant but.. :)

John’s face though!

25 Jan thelilnan:

Captain Winnie the Pooh and crew!


Captain Winnie the Pooh and crew!

20 Jan netherworldvineyard:


Happy Birling Day!




Happy Birling Day!


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14 Jan




“What do you know about Cabin Pressure, Psi?”

“Cabin Pressure… is… brilliant.”

“You might want to pad that out with some Power Points.”


Arthur Shappey

  • killed a man
12 Oct


10 Oct

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01 Sep


CABINLOCK After failing his CPL for the 5th time, Martin seeks comfort with his half brother. If there’s one person who won’t give up on Martin, it’s Sherlock.


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29 Aug
  • Martin (over sat-com): Is Arthur there?
  • Douglas: Well, not all there.
  • Arthur: Hello, Skip! This is weird, isn’t it? Because normally when I’m here listening to someone on sat-com, you’re here, too, listening to them, only now you’re there where they are, and I’m here, where you usually are and where I usually am and am now, talking to you!
  • Douglas: You find Arthur in philosophical mood.